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Is architecture therapeutic?
Built or naturally occurring spaces leave an impact on the mind.

The prestigious virtue of architecture, as one can call it, is to control the human mind.
To evoke particular emotions,
to create the ultimate ambience.

Architecture, as one calls construction or building blocks, is poetic, is the most rhythmic.

And the final form of art
Apart from rhythmic colors and forms
Well designed space is peace evoking
Well dressed ambience is a way to happiness
Consciously designed space inspires concentration.

Hence Architecture can be called "Therapeutic."
Fatema Kabir
Is architecture therapeutic?
Mind-controlled via architecture does not mean architectures rules the human mind.....nothing can rule the human mind...

But nevertheless space does make an impact on the human mind, for the simple reason that the mind does reacts to its surrounding, acknowledges it.

Now it is up to the architect how he/ she uses this basic fact of mankind to his/her benefit.
Fatema Kabir
Is architecture therapeutic?
Good ambient architecture does sooth mind and body, it is not a matter of control, it is a matter of response to the ambient quality. If colours can influence psychology, volumes can affect perception, architecture can stimulate mind and body anytime.
Dushyant Nathwani


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