Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Hello there,

I often come across a lot of Indians- students, faculty, etc, giving their feedback in the ArchNet Discussion Forum. Would it be correct to say that Indians number among the majority of people making their presence felt in the "Discussion Forum"?

I don't think I have seen very many postings from Japanese or Chinese members. If this is so, I guess it must be the language advantage that the post-colonial India enjoys.

How well is the European representation felt?

This is not a very crucial matter - I am simply curious! This is not a matter of competition or ratings.
Kiran Aryan
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Ya, I fully agree, and this question came across my mind before. I'm a Malaysian, and I work as an educator. I assumed mostly that students need to gain more resources and educators wish to exchange knowledge or info. But as for general practitioners, should be running out of time to get in touch here, as I believed, their schedules are always tied up.
Yg Hui
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Hello Kiran,

I joined this forum and I must tell that I agree with you. I am a European student and I found out about this site by coincidence. Not many people know about ArchNet here.
Natasa Nikolic
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
I am of the belief that this site is maintained by MIT, and it's a US-based site. If MIT is associated with this site, I doubt that their students are aware of it, as very few participate.
Kiran Aryan
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Serbia here,
I am actually having a faculty course online and on this site. I wonder if the authorities are even aware of that. Faculty courses are something that should be pretty advanced, and I'm under the impression that our professors have little influence on the overall function of our workspace.
I don't think that we fit in the Muslim part of the site as I am unaware of having any Muslim colleagues on my faculty.
Dusan Bosnjak
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Hello there,

Dusan, could you explain more about your online course? Tried the online search but could not source any threads.

Prashant, as you said, too many Indians. I knew this site was maintained by MIT and I registered on this site years back, probably as a student. But after all these years there are moments when I felt that I am in an Indian site and most of the people are known.

Now regarding resources,
"the Archnet Digital Library is yet not rich enough to be the only reason for its popularity, though it is a good source of information on Islamic architecture": it's true.

But there are no active forums here; even a large city like Bangalore has hardly any consistent, worth mentioning forum for discussing concerns, issues etc. This might be the reason for the success of this forum.

Tell me something: is it possible to send a mail to someone in ArchNet? You have an option to add the contact address and it gets into a list; that is great. Now what? How do I contact them in person? Let me know more about it.

Now I have met a few students from MIT, and they were not aware of this forum.

As a student I had done some work which I wanted to discuss with the Media Lab. But at that time I didn't have the proper tools to send it across to them.

I was disappointed, as they had agreed to give their comments, but I could not discuss it with them as the size of the files was too big. I was fascinated by the works done by them on Kinetic architecture.

Later, when I met these MIT (former) students, they were not even aware of the Media Lab. That is when a senior person told from MIT told me that they are so engaged there, and it's so diverse that if you don't have your focus in place, you could get easily diverted.

I studied in a small time college in Bangalore and life was good there. But there were moments when I had no clue of what was around me; I felt exposure was very minimal. But our HOD was very supportive and gave us the best possible. Now, what I was trying to get at was during this period, while searching for info, that I got into ArchNet.

We should have some live forum. Practice here is difficult, like in any other place, but just for various other reasons.

Regarding Malaysia: I was expecting people from there as it has the highest % of Muslims. I think the forum is a secular one and hence enjoyable.

Whatever are the demographics, it's good to be around.

Kiran Aryan
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Do you think ArchNet would be giving goodies to the person who uses this site most frequently ? :-)

Kiran Aryan
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Hi there,

Nothing much to say at the moment. There was not much response for this except from a handful of us. Just wanted to push this "discussion" up the chart......:-).

Regarding the Archnet database- It's no doubt exhaustive and especially from the Islamic point of view. But I was speaking from a general perspective- features or articles of the works done in the Islamic world that would reflect the present needs and aspiration of the society, or something about the latest works happening around in the world.

I am sure the general works are very well covered by the regular magazines, etc.; therefore ArchNet may not have much of a role to play there.

But what has the Islamic world been up to now? Are the mosques designed the same way as they used to be?
Kiran Aryan
Countries represented on the ArchNet forum
Dear Kiran,

Thank you very much for introducing this thread. The discussion has taken a very interesting turn and I wish to contribute some of the views that I have been suppressing for a while.

Frankly, most of the queries posted by Indian students are not for deliberations or debates, as deemed in the original intent of this forum.

As someone has pointed out earlier, most of them use the discussion forum as a convenient network to simply collect information.

And honestly, many questions are nothing but great examples of laziness and an embarrassment to me as an Indian.

Answers to many of these questions can be found through simple googling on the Internet!!

And certainly there is no deficit of information available in Indian libraries. The trick would be to go and look there!

The truth of the matter is that the electronic media has become a very convenient way to cut down on the labour required to do quality research work. One can simply cut and paste views of different people from a single webpage to indicate the "diversity" of opinions. And the discussion forum at Archnet is one of the better sites for such "discussions."
Shubhru Gupta


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