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Zaha Hadid: a Muslim architect?
Zaha Hadid received the Pritzker Prize in architecture in 2004 for her experimental spirit.

However, can we consider Zaha Hadid as a Muslim architect or as a role model Muslim architect?

Has she ever said that she is? Has she made any contribution to the Islamic world? I heard that once she designed a mosque, but it was never be actualized.
Winyu Ardrugsa
Zaha Hadid: a Muslim architect?
Good Evening Winyu,

About Zaha Hadid, she designed the "Great Mosque of Strasburg (La Grande Mosquée de Strasbourg) in France but I don't think that they built it.

Your questions are quite good, but no one can reach to a certain opinion about Zaha Hadid.

For me, I do believe that she a mysterious architect. Look at her projects and you will figure out why I describe her as such. But at the same time, no one can deny that she is talented and creative. I know that she designed this mosque and a museum for Islamic Arts in Doha, Qatar.
Hend Ismail
Zaha Hadid: a Muslim architect?
Salaam alaykum!

Zaha Hadid challenges the stereotypes imposed on the Islamic community in the west. Contemporary in her constructs, the quality of design, deconstructive or not, reflect the correctness of her bearing, imagination as she design exercises a vital ,creative aesthetic.

Islam cannot remain hidebound in the modern world - it is the power of Islam which compels the adaptation of materials, techniques and design principles of global Muslim communities, making them dynamic even in the face of oppression.

It is not to be an architect first, or Muslim second - but all of both, all of the time as a positive expression of Islamic heritage and culture.

Let us not dilute her honors, nor the Muslim heritage which has so greatly contributed to her perspectives.

Anthony Stewart


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