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Japanese roof details
I need some details on the roofing of Japanese structures (traditional).

They have single as well as double roof types. Would be obliged if anyone can give some lead/ details/ drawings of their construction.

I believe there are books available with the details- but buying them is not a financially sound possibility.

Good day,
Kiran Aryan
Japanese roof details

From the books I have, there appear to be two main forms of roof structure: (a) Buddist / Shinto Temple roof design which is very complex, and (b) "Minka," or the simpler traditional Japanese wooden frame building design.

You could try asking for help from the Institute of Japanese Architects.
Frank John Snelling
Japanese roof details
i know its over a year since you have written but check out
good luck!
Rebecca Jones
Japanese roof details
Hi Kiran, just joined up to this site I,m a garden designer currently designing a tea house in Liverpool, I'm having problems myself with the detail so I,m having to work them out myself but the japanese garden journal appears to have back articles on the subject. I built a Chinese pavilion at the Royal horticultural Society Show in Tatton park 2006 see RHS
(type in rhs utaxus ) let me know if you have any better info and visa versa.
Regards Pip Schofield
Philip Schofield


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