Sustainable Design
Integrating energy into design process
I am trying to tame energy with design for my thesis project, especially with landscaping.

I need some answers to the following questions: Who first recognized the relation between energy and landscape, what was the form of integration? Some case studies will also be useful.

Thank you,
Mohammed Othman
Integrating energy into design process

Do you mean "Energy and Environment"? To me, "landscaping" means smoothing out the site for low maintenance machinery (lawnmowers) and minimal gardens and minimal planting. To me (I am English), the American tendency of assuming garden spaces are lawns between the road and buildings is unappealing and very boring.

But, if you do mean "energy and environment," then the less high tech (fossil-fuel) energy that is used, the better for the environment; and in particular in the construction of buildings; transport of construction materials and manufacture of construction materials.
Frank John Snelling


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