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Modular construction
Is modular construction the way to go? Some may tend to think that with it, the role of the architect as a designer will be compromised.What are the advantages or disadvantages regarding design?
Lorna Kiamba
Modular construction
Modular construction or semi-prefab design using universal elements is useful for rapid building projects; but the flaw is on-site construction where the workers (who are used to the more rough and ready "hand-made" quality of normal construcuion work) will make a very poor job of fitting together "precise" modular elements.

Bearing this in mind, the designer should "allow" for the poor fitting of the elements, by specifying both (a)larger tolerances for the fitting process and (b) robust "idiotproof" fitting techniques. Ideally the on-site workforce should always be professionally trained, but we do not live in the ideal world.
Frank John Snelling
Modular construction
Hi Frank!
Thanks for the reply.
I'll keep the idiotproofing tech. for future use. (Funny but sadly true.)
Lorna Kiamba
Modular construction
There's a market segment catering for these house-types. I am personally involved in a consultant-driven system.

From the onset, we develop it as a consumer-product. Where components are being design for change of tastes by house-owners. As an architect, I had observed how much detailings is needed and how we, architects, have been assuming and presumptuous in our undertakings.

I am very much exposed to advance-manufacturing and alternative materials.
I don't mind calling our designs as products. The car industry had been successful in churning tested models, and how warranty and tests will determine the success of their products.

What's more, our product will develop a value chain of new vendors in the building industry. New SME's will be formed and thus new entrepreneurs.

Thus there is life after all for architecture.
Suhardi Noordin
Modular construction
I feel that Modular house will has great future sale.
As an Architect I always think about something related to Prefab/Modular house.Besides being built to withstand greater stresses, modular homes are also a good choice for those who want to go green. Because they are built in a controlled environment, modular homes use less waste and are assembled faster. Your modular home will likely be more energy efficient than its traditional neighbors. And modular home prices generally run about 15% to 20% lower than other types of houses. Your modular home dealer can provide you with more exact specifications about energy efficiency.
Jerry Nakata
Modular construction
Buildings made with bricks, blocks or any other repetative use of multiple units are modular. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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