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Spaces under seats in stadiums
There is a very big problem about the area left under the seating( pavilions) in stadiums, especially when the arena is designed for a larger capacity.

I'm doing my thesis project on it. Within it, I will do some case studies and design a football stadium with the maximum use of the spaces under the seating.

If anybody can guide me on how to start my repot, and any extra ordinary techniques used in using those spaces.

Does this sound interesting -or not- or does it make sense at all?
A Asif
Spaces under seats in stadiums
Hi Ambreen,

You are right that this issue needs to be tackled. There is a great potential to develop spaces under the seats. The possibilities are endless. Usually the space is alloted to assist the spectators for uses like toilets, food stalls etc.

But the space can also be developed as indoor training/sports rooms for the people of the neighboring area who can come to the stadium and participate in various sports.

Usually in Pakistan there is a dearth of neighbourhood sports facilities. The stadiums can fill this gap by providing different sports and recreation related activities. In the west some stadiums also have museums in their complex. A small scale museum can also be accommodated.

Hope this gives you a direction.
Mariam Nabi


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