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Structural dynamism in architecture
Can the relationship of visual dynamism and structural dynamism generate a symbiotic form?

By the term 'structural dynamism' I mean the visual dynamism when expressed through structural elements / members.
Alpana Dongre
Structural dynamism in architecture
Alpana, To answer your question, yes.

The 1900 "Turn of the centuary" new architecture movements in Britain, America (Arts and Crafts) and Europe (Art Nouveau in France, De Stihl in Holland, Chernikhov in Russia, Gaudi in Spain, etc) all used clear and dynamic elements of structure to define their designs.

Unfortunately, the horrors of the First World War disrupted the progression of these visual and physical architectural aesthetics by creating a revulsion against them.

And into the vacuum came the clean, sterile, antiseptic, "Internationale Style" as the reaction against the Pre-War Styles which reminded people too much of the bloodbath of world war. The rest, as they say is history. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Structural dynamism in architecture
Thanks Frank. As a PhD researcher I am trying to work on Aesthetics of built form - a search in visual and structural dynamism. History does tell us about the visual and structural dynamism. Can we define parameters and have some subjective and objective evaluation system for this dynamism?
Alpana Dongre
Structural dynamism in architecture
Alpana, To define subjective and objective parameters for visual and structural dynamism. I would suggest a division by illusion and actuality.

The "illusion" of visual and structural dynamism is subjective, as in the optical illusion of 'straight' Ancient Greek columns when in fact they are slightly bowed.

The "actuality" of visual and structural dynamism is objective when the dynamics follow the structure, such as the row of double cast iron columns set as "v" shapes in an Art Nouveau building design in Paris.

Both Art Nouveau and late Victorian architecture (both about the 1900s) show structurally dynamic elements.

In fact, objective structural dynamism can be described as the mininal use of material to create a design. Skeletal, as in exo-skeleton, integral skeleton and endo-skeleton structures.

Gothic Cathedrals are an amazing step into structural dynamics using stone. In essence, sections of the usual mass stone wall were rotated 90 degrees and became a skeleton of ribs both buttresses and flying buttresses. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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