Theory and Criticism
Identity in architecture

How do we define our identity to our architecture?
Mohd Nizam Abd Aziz
Identity in architecture
Even as great architectural constructs become iconic within global cultures - I think the traditions embodied in motifs become a de facto complement the structures. This becomes particularly evident in western circles when they try to define "Islamic art," "African art," "Native American art," "Asian art," and etcetera. Within every noble global tradition have developed unique, characteristic building styles which serve unique purposes for that society. This becomes an 'iconic' part of cultural and personal identity.

From Egyptian Pyramids to the great Mosques, fromthe humblest American Indian tipi to the most elaborate Chinese pagoda - these styles all mark important milestones in the development of construction, use and style within global civilisations.

Sure, empires all rise and fall and this is as it should be.

Their architectural styles remain to make even finer constructs. To me this is one of the greatest achievements for modern design, to fulfill the 'creative' while respecting the intrinsic moral values which the design embodies.

For instance, in Zaha Hadid's work - I feel the essence of a great and ancient history, yet it is presented with an entirely new vitality using modern, contemporary techniques. This is not by accident but reflects an essential understanding of the artist/designer, the patrons and the society where such beauty is sought, accepted and sustained. So, I hope I have not been too inarticulate in defining a relationship I feel between architecture past, present and future with collective and individual identity.

In closing, I would like to add that architecture is basically an art of hope and faith. Hope for a better, more fulfilling future, faith that those who come after will also recognize and respect essential human values. This too, should be part of everyones' identity.

Anthony Stewart
Identity in architecture
I think your question isn't clear. Identity includes many characteristics such as history, facility, quality. If I stayed in your country, I would think that your architecture is international architecture.
Mohammad Parva


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