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Digital architecture
Nowadays, we hear so much about digital technologies in architecture. There are so many rhemes like hypersurface, cyberspace, fractical interactive, to name a few.

Moreover, we talk about the six major phenomena in digital architecture. Can anyone help in understanding these principles in architecture, and the works of architects performing in this field?

I'll be highly grateful for any kind of contribution, be it a weblink or an e-book. Thank you!
Riyan Abeeb
Digital architecture
Hello Riyan!
Browse through the archived journals in your library for 2001-2 issues of "Architectural Design". You will find an issue dedicated on Hypersurface Architecture.
Some discussions in "Information Technology" Category on ArchNet could be of some help to you too.
It may turn out to be an interesting discussion indeed.
However, please elaborate more upon the six major phenomena in digital architecture that you have discussed in your posting.
P Das
Digital architecture
Hi! Prashant,

Thank you for your reply. To be more elaborate about six major digital phenomenon, it includes: miniaturization (it can be shrunk), ubiquity (global), realtime, noospherization (networking every-thing), virtuality (solid melts into knowledge), and anamnesia (inability to forget).

Hope you can throw some light on it.
Riyan Abeeb
Digital architecture
Hi Riyan,

These sound interesting. I really haven't gone through this concept in detail. Please tell me where did you get this information from?

The six phenomena you discussed may certainly be applied in 'Architectural' realm as well; although to me, these sound like refering to computer-system architecture. Even I would be interested in exploring these!

So far I have found out two useful links on net:
Digital Architecture and Construction, and,
Digital Technology & Architecture

I believe that you have referred to the latter link.

The six phenomena, as discussed by Mahesh Singla point towards the Architectural information in digital realm. As far as I have understood, all temporal aspects of 'Architecture' can be explained as a set of information; and are thus, documentable. This set of information can be easily digitized and will then be a part of the six phenomena.
P Das
Digital architecture
Hi Prashant,

(sorry for beimg late). OK, so the links which you sent were useful. Yes, you got it right, I got the terms from that latter link. Anyway, I certainly found clearer terms for digital atchitecture; namely 'path creation', 'path dependence', etc. In fact, digital arhitecture doesn't merely imply working in 3D. It includes the diffusion of digital design, its impact, its design tools and the knowledge work associated with it.

I hope that you got my search points. If you want, I also have a paper presentation on it.

Riyan Abeeb
Digital architecture
Hi Ryan,

I am a PhD candidate doing research in the same topic.In fact I want to translate these concepts into an architectural language. I had gone trough these six major phenomenon these days and I got excited as I find these topics in your discussion room. I want to know if it is possible for you to help me; at the last part you mentioned some other topics like (path creation) or (path dependence).
Is it possible to have your presentation? I will also send mine as soon asit is finished.
I'll be highly grateful for any kind of help, be it a weblink or an e-book. Thank you!
Kaveh Fattahi
Digital architecture
your discussion helped me alot
this link might help
Salma Hesham


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