Sustainable Design
Thesis: Sustainability, housing and society
Dearest Readers,

I'm a student in my 4th year. And I wish to present my thesis, relating heavily architecture and our society. I believe a lot in humanity, and so through my thesis I want to show how much our world is important to us. How could I possibly prove that? Through my recent travel around India, meeting people, I saw, I felt. It takes time to build a better world... how contradictory is it compared to our actual society who is moving so fast? I feel lost... but I'm not... is there a purpose of a rapid evolution of a society ?

There. I have read some articles, publications... showing NGOs, private organizations, even some governments, taking commitment to these issues.

Well, also I want to show in this thesis that the field of architecture, as any other fields, can show it's effectiveness by tightly working with others... meaning no one is left behind. Everyone is there and useful.

If one day I am qualified as "architect", I wouldn't like to think of myself as one. Who I will be, could only be defined through the people and environment I'd live with.

I truly am aware this is not a new topic but also I truly need guidance... always.

Prashant Patel
Thesis: Sustainability, housing and society

Architecture (in fact any sort of building) is the product of a field of creativity which must always take the long-term evolutionary view.

Architectural fashions come and go, but their effects are felt for generations. I take the view that if the buildings you design add to the culture in some way, then you are doing your part in creating and recreating a cultural environment which upgrades people.

An good analogy for architecture is that it is like planting an acorn, knowing you will not being alive when the oak tree reaches maturity. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: Sustainability, housing and society
Hello Prashant,

I have a thought or rather a "statement" for you that I shared with my juniors in my college days.

When we are in college, we are taught how to be like "God" who created such a wonderful world for us. But the mere factor that we are human beings will never let us become someone like him.

This is a thought/statement. Think it over, I hope it helps you.

Good luck,
Terence Yohannan
Thesis: Sustainability, housing and society
Dear Terence, and Frank John,

Thank you for both your points of view. I will definitely adopt those nice thoughts and will surely help me to think wider. Thank you again. Sincerely yours,

Prashant Patel
Thesis: Sustainability, housing and society
You are correct in that it is contextual. If you are not teaching, you are not learning. The more you are affected by your surroundings the more you effect them. Architecture is economy. Listen to your hands.
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