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Issues in human-computer interfacing
Dear all,

"Cultural Usability" is an emerging issue, but does not need any more debates to be proved as far as architecture as a profession/field of study is concerned.

What is being (still) debated is 'Computing' in architecture; that also within a limited part of architectural community... Its usability has already been accepted widely.

With the help of this forum, I invite your opinions on "Cross Cultural Issues in Human-Computer Interface" in the realm of architecture.

Please outline the issues that you think are important in this regard.

I really look forward to your inputs.

Best regards,
P Das
Issues in human-computer interfacing
Archnet in itself is an example of cross-cultural usability, serving as a platform for people from different places.

Speaking of culturally specific design solutions,computers and architecture may have different parameters though. Because computer-based systems don't belong to any particular country, or people. People tend to accept futuristic looks and designs which have universal appeal or follow the universal design trend. Packaging is one aspect that can be customised to a large extent, but beyond the packaging, for example, how do you make a programmable washing machine culturally responsive? Well, I heard of one that's been launched in Germany that is programmed to be operated by the husband on one day and the lady of the house the next. Now will that work in India? Is this what you are talking about?
Minu Agarwal
Issues in human-computer interfacing
Thanks for your input. Yes, perhaps your perception of the topic is right. However, the example deals with cross-'personal' usage than cross 'cultural'.

But it is to be noted that architecture cannot be treated as a commodity, as in the case of a refrigerator. Architecture is more about development of a concept/environment.
An open question is: have we been able to very clearly identify the implications of human-computer interrelationship in architectural practices in any way?
I don't mind thinking in futuristic terms, if required!
P Das


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