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What came before concrete?
Vernacular Architecture?
Frank John Snelling
What came before concrete?
Concrete was used in the construction of the Colliseum. Are you referring to steel reinforced cement concrete?

I personally do not think that concrete is solely to blame for the loss of vernacular values. Simultaneously, I do believe that responsive, contextual architecture can be constructed out of concrete.

When we say that vernacular architecture was built by the users, we are making some broad generalisations. Professions like masons and carpentars have existed for a long time. Even in the 10-11th centuries, people employed skilled craftsmen to construct houses for them. Even today, in villages people make self designed 'vernacular' houses of brick and concrete employing local skill.
Vishwanath Kashikar
What came before concrete?
Dear Frank,

I think you are trying to sound too simplistic. As Vishwanath has pointed out, concrete was used by ancient Romans. So what is your point?

Besides, vernacular architecture is a dynamic process influenced by many factors. Change in material does not mean that the vernacular movement dies.
Shubhru Gupta
What came before concrete?
My mistake. I should have said, "what came before Modern Concrete?" I am aware concrete was used by the Romans, but was lost until about 150 years ago.

Roman engineers used their concrete for public works and as the interior foundation to be build upon. Whereas today's use of bare exposed concrete is usually a degraded, cheap, nasty, and ugly way of building.

I was not trying to be simplistic, I was fishing to see what and how other people viewed vernacular architecture.
So I am pleased to see you object. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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