Educational Design
Good campus design?
What is a perfect design of a university campus for student housing?
Mohammed Al-Surf
Good campus design?

I've been in charge of program and design of an university, American type, in Morocco, and of course, there was a student housing "village."

Due to the religion aspect, we designed a "village" with 3 sections: teachers, boys, and girls, not far from the library, in a typic local mountain architecture (different from the labs) so it had a sort of quietness from the rest of the campus. Each room was equipped with a computer and an Internet link (it was in 1983)!

If you need more, or design examples, tell me.
Herve Mauclere
Good campus design?
Bon-jour M. Herve,

What is the meaning of the term 'American-type' university?
How is this type different from 'other' types of universities?

A university should normally have the academic block(s), staff campus, student campus, sports, etc. facilities. These are distinct entities that also need to be integrated. Segregation of sexes for hostel accommodation is a very common practise (to the best of my knowledge).
Chitradeep Sengupta
Good campus design?
a perfect design doesnt exist. if it existed, it would be copied all over isnt it?

maybe you are asking what factors we should take into account while design student housing. well, the question is very broad and the answers would naturally be broad as well.

at this stage i could only say that a good design will take into account larger context, environmental factors, activities and user needs, relationship to the school building, attention to detailing of individual rooms etc.
Vishwanath Kashikar


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