Historic Preservation
New heritage conservation organisations
I am in the early stages of starting a South Asia-wide cultural heritage preservation advocacy group, and want to get in touch with local partners in South Asia, both individuals and organizations.

I want to gather information on organizations that already exist in this field, in South Asia or abroad, so please write with any information that's pertinent. I will post further information on my organization in the next few months.
Nuha Ansari
New heritage conservation organisations
That's a bit unclear, I apologize.

I already know about the main governmental organizations in India and Pakistan, INTACH, ASI, ARCH etc., and the big NGOs like the AKTC as well as some smaller ones like Pakistan's Heritage Foundation.

There are some younger architects, planners, and conservators out there who've started advocacy and urban planning groups, and it's these that I want more information about.
Nuha Ansari
New heritage conservation organisations

I am a practicing architect from India, and I am interested in joining your organisation. Please send me details of your work.
Laxmikant Surve
New heritage conservation organisations
Thanks for your interest, I'll keep you posted about any further developments.
Nuha Ansari
New heritage conservation organisations
Hello Nuha,

I am a 4th year architecture student from CEPT University, India. I happened to work for a German NGO for a restoration and conservation programme, just for 45 days, in Leh(Ladakh), India.

But it has given my architecture a whole new direction, and now I am really keen to make my career towards that. So if I can be accommodated, later or now, I would be glad. And also I would like to know the kind of projects you are looking forward to do. My email id is

Rashmita Jadav


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