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Can skyscrapers be sustainable?
Hello Everybody!!

Being an Architect and being concerned with the present situation for the growth of the Indian cities, I have started looking forward for the high rise constrution as a option for the future development of the cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

1) But do "sustainable skyscrapers" really exist? (I have studied works of Ken Yeang, and found it as a possible but not a so appealing solution)

2) Skyscrapers are icons of the 20th century in developed nations. But are they an possible option in developing nations like India?

Do you have any opinions?
Pranjal Ranka
Can skyscrapers be sustainable?
Thesis: Tall buildings and sustainability
-- Ozgur Basak Alkan, January 28, 2006
Can skyscrapers be sustainable?
hi Pranjal,
how are you? I am a student studyin at the uni of westminster doin architectural technology...i am looking at doing a research on sustainbale skyscrapers to be built in india.well i think it is possible to have them in india..not really gone deep into the subject but m sure they are a boon for the future..ill get back to you with more once i get on with it..take care...wish u luck...
-- Khushboo Rasaily, November 19, 2006


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