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Technology in architecture

I am a student studying architecture. I'm currently in the research phase for the design of a general education building. With the "recent" introduction of the electronic classroom and the long-distance enabled student, I am looking for some resources to further my knowledge of the technological environment in an educational system. Thanks for any help.
Nicholas Fonner
Technology in architecture

What type of educational system? The traditional format uses live (or recorded) teachers. A more modern approach is to use complete course manuals in a general-use space, with technical and specialist guidance.
Frank John Snelling
Technology in architecture
Exactly. Do you know of any sources for inspiration such as "ME++," where the idea of human evolution is the technologically equipped cyborg?

The student equipped with the right software can access the curriculum discourse at an entirely unprecedented speed and efficiency. Thanks again.
Nicholas Fonner
Technology in architecture
Dear Nicholas,

Have a look at the Centre Pompidou and at the Parc de la Villette. I found these two projects fascinating.

If you are thinking of the long-distance-enabled students, you could think of connection vs. infinity.
Use your imagination. Interaction...
You should also study human psychology.
Katrina Goussous


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