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Building with stones

I am a new member, pleased to meet all of you.

I am a civil engineer, and have experience building in concrete, but have never calculated a stone wall.

Could any of you can give me a good URL for this topic, or does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you all in advance,

(Montevideo, Uruguay).
Mercedes Ferreira
Building with stones
Hola Mercedes,

Concrete is "made" by pouring homogenous reconstituted stone material into moulds (with and without steel reinforcing) to set hard.

Building a stone wall is different: With a stone wall you build upwards slowly, instead of pouring downwards quickly.

For maximum strength and integrity in a stone wall, make sure your cement or mortar (mixture) between the stones is of the same strength as the stones themselves.

Otherwise, if the cement is stronger, the stone fails first, or if the cement is weaker, then the cement fails first.

Stone walls usually have dressed stone (chiselled roughly flat) facing outwards and if the wall is thick, then rubble or rough stones can be used to fill in the centre of the wall. :)
Frank John Snelling


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