Conflict and Natural Disasters
Thesis: Safeguarding heritage post-disaster

I am currently writing a thesis on the above topic (working title). I study in RLICC, Leuven, Belgium and the thesis is the final one for these studies.

I would be looking for any reference materials which might help me get a proper scope of activities which I should take under consideration.

The idea is to design a comprehensive, model system for arch. heritage safeguarding, preservation, restoration and conservation for a country like Afghanistan (where I have worked few months, so will be basing on my own experience) - however my attempt is to design a system which might later be introduced in other countries (as a part or whole).

I thought of covering issues like: - legal (int'l, bylaws, country laws etc.) - coding systems - surveying methodology and plans - research methodologies - emergency restoration plans etc. etc. (any additional ideas - welcome)

Would be looking for any reference of good books, online materials and personal advice.

Yours Sincerely,
Pawel Neugebauer
Pawel Neugebauer
Thesis: Safeguarding heritage post-disaster
Hi Pawel,

Are you looking at only post-disaster scenario, or are you looking at safeguarding heritage structures against such disasters? The former would imply that the disaster has already occurred and all you need to do is get into technical details of building preservation and consolidation. The second scenario, "risk preparedness" or "disaster mitigation" as is called by many, would require a more holistic and exhaustive study. Is that what you are aiming for?
Shubhru Gupta
Thesis: Safeguarding heritage post-disaster
Pawel, you might like to add to your list: "safeguarding heritage in museums post disaster". I recall the fuss made shortly after the American Army arrived in Bagdad.

Because the museums had been looted, and there were no guards or staff, it is difficult to say whether artifacts were looted during the second Gulf War and before the American Army arrived or immediately afterwards.
Frank John Snelling


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