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Iraq: The Cradle of Civilisation
Ctesiphone Al-Madain - Baghdad, Iraq - This arch which soars 29 meters in height is a single span once sheltered the palace ball of the Sassanian kings. It is one of the most beautiful ruins in the East.

Iraq: The Cradle of Civilization
3/15/2003 - - Article Ref: IC0303-1889
By: IslamiCity
IslamiCity* -

Iraq is the cradle of civilization. It is how we came to be what we are. Mesopotamia was the center of the universe and was the oldest civilization anywhere on this planet.

Iraq is an Arabic word and has been a geographical term for the general area throughout the Islamic traditions.

The land of Iraq is important historically, because it is the land where the first law, the Hamurabi code, was enacted in Babylon thousands of years ago, its where writing was first discovered 5000 years ago at Uruk, and where the seventh wonder of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is situated. It is important culturally because Iraq was the center of the Islamic Empire (Khilafat), and Arab civilization for hundred of years. Iraq is where science and culture prospered, where Arabic language has its two distinguished schools, Kufa and Basra, and where one of the oldest universities in the world was built, Al Mustansiriyya University in Baghdad.

It is also important religiously, as it has the oldest established church in the world, The Church of the East, founded by St Thomas, one of Christ's 12 disciples. In addition, it has numerous Islamic holy sites such as Karbala, Najaf, and Baghdad. The holy city of Najaf is the study center of theology for the world's 150 million Muslims who follow the Shia tradition.

It is where the two great rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates meet and gave birth to the concept of agriculture. The earliest evidence of animal and plant domestication has been found in and around northern Iraq, dating more than 10,000 years ago.

Five thousand years ago, territory now in southern Iraq was the home of the Sumerian civilization, which contributed such breakthroughs as the wheel and the plow.

The land of Iraq has been conquered by Alexander the Great, ravaged by the Mongols and dominated by Britain.

If you follow that history to the present, you find Iraq at the epicenter of world attention, this time as the likely target of an attack by the greatest fire power that has ever been accumulated in the history of humankind.

"It is an ironic twist of fate to stand on the remains of a city in southern Iraq where the civilized world began and realize it could all end right there as well," cautions historian Bradley Parker.

Will the civilized world of today build the way for enlightenment for the entire world or will it barrel down a path of self-interest empire building?

In a rapidly shrinking global village, humanity's only hope for the future is to use our intellect to develop cooperation in our neighborhoods and around the globe.
Budoor Bukhari
Iraq: The Cradle of Civilisation

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built about 600 BC, were a mountain like series of planted terraces.
Budoor Bukhari
Iraq: The Cradle of Civilisation
yes Iraq is the Cradle of Civilization.
there's a city in Iraq its name is Nianawa, that city had been Destroyed before -check the attached drawing, Delacroix's La mort de Sardanapale, it describes that war- and today Nianawa is under war again, hope peace lay upon all.
Yasmin Al-Khayat
Iraq: The Cradle of Civilisation
Thanks, Budoor and Yasmin, the very facts make what's happening today even more poignant. One can only hope that this incredible world heritage will not be lost so senselessly.
Naznin Hirji
Iraq: The Cradle of Civilisation
The "Cradle of Civilization" has been efficiently bombed by the US-British coalition but little has been done so far to look after "civilization" and peace. If the "New Era of Freedom" has to start in chaos and anarchy,by looting and by unfolding the worst of human instincts, and by the dismantling of the Archeological Museum of Baghdad under the undifferent eyes of the coalition forces, who made every effort and sacrifice to secure the oil fields, and a lot of unfulfilled promises regarding humanitarian support,.. the least we can assume is that the "New Masters" of Iraq do not necessarily have time to loose with the trivialities of life and of 6000 years of human history, and that the "Freedom" unchained on the battlefields is not the one which one might associate to the highest ideals of human civilization as expressed in the most refined achievements of civilization and its cultural testimonies in art, architecture, city-building, poetry, music etc.

If the US-British coalition have won the war, without special merits anyway, they seem to be loosing peace, and this battle should really the most crucial one...The 170.000 pieces of uncomensurable value (and of highest symbolic importance to the memory of humanity) from the Bagdhad Museum stolen or destroyed seem to be more than an anecdoctic side-event of the "liberating" furies of freedom, but it seems to me they represent a bad omen for the cultural "Tabula Rasa" of a New Start, unfortunately without the map directions, not defining where to depart from and where to arrive...I am impressed by the thourough indifference to human misery and pain, as well as to the losses of formidable cultural heritage, covered up by pompous and amateurish small talk on Reconstruction and Democracy...This is not video-game war but this is real,...who is going to tackle this before a civil war is burning down the rest of what still stands and lives? It is shocking that one has to acknowledge that the fallen regime with all its brutal and vicious actors and conditions, seemed to have had more sensitivity to the fragile and delicate works of human civilization than the enthusiastic war-lords of democracy...
Lucien Steil
Iraq: The Cradle of Civilisation
CIVILIZATION belongs to humanity.What happens nowadays in Iraq is called inhumanity and indignity to cultures and civilizations.How can we beleive that the story of a whole population existing from thousands of years is erased in a few weeks?
Omar Al-Ashmawy


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