Sustainable Design
Recycled building materials
Hi all,

I'm redesigning an existing building. I'm supposed to redesign two galleries. The problem is that they only use recycled paper, and materials. The gallery should be very simple and should show all the tiny and hand-made silvers.
Any suggestions for materials?

Anything that is related would be great.
Katrina Goussous
Recycled building materials
Papermache or cardboard furniture?
Frank John Snelling
Recycled building materials
Hi Frank,

Well, I'm going to design a gallery, which is situated in a building called "Wild Jordan". (This is one of the few projects in Jordan where the site and the building co-exist, without one dominating the other.)

This building takes into consideration environmental and ecological issues, as well as incorporating interactive, interpretive function and community participation.

And the products are:

"From the wilderness of Jordan and inspired by nature comes this unique collection of handcrafted items. Produced by the local women living at Jordan's different nature reserves, these products combine richness and beauty of nature, the commitment to nature conservation and most importantly the commitment to improving the livelihood of local communities guarding Jordan's sensitive environments."
Katrina Goussous
Recycled building materials
This is a picture of the building.
Katrina Goussous
Recycled building materials
Katherina, "Wild Jordan" handi-crafts and nature conservation?

Okay, bring the outside inside. Hang semi-transparent curtains randomly through out the space. Random lighting and large mirrors on the walls. Random humps and slopes of firm (large grain) sand with rocks and boulders. Random planting set by rocks in the sand and a series of random cascade pools.

The above is static design, so you could use dynamic design elements to produce a natural outdoor feel with variable breezes gently waving the curtains in a random sequence and similarly darken and brighten the lighting in random sequences. Smell is useful for evoking the outside; such as woodsmoke and the fresh smell of rain drying on leaves in the sunlight.

Plus, the theatre set designs of the painter Hockney are worth a look. I remember one series of sets in deep blue which were magnificent. I do not like the paintings of Hockney, but his theatre sets show exceptional ability.
Frank John Snelling
Recycled building materials
thank u frank for ur help...
sorry for the late reply!!!1 holiday!!!
hope u had a great one
but as for wt im looking for,,, i wanted to see wt kind of materials that i can use in my desing that are considered environmentallly friendly!!!1 thanx :)
Katrina Goussous


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