Conflict and Natural Disasters
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Dear Iraqi colleagues, researchers, architects and students, I would like to address to you all my positive minds, praying for safety of yourselves, your families and friends, and your creative spirits.

My country experienced the same complex situation a couple years ago, and a significant number of our national architectural masterpieces were destroyed. The ruins of these buildings are still visible in our environment, reminding us how terrible consequences wars might have on our profession. I do hope that your architectural heritage will be saved.
It is the early morning in Belgrade. We are watching the News from Iraq on our TV.

I couldn't start this day, and couldn't walk, think and breathe, without sending this message...
Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Dear architects from all over the world.
Today represents a black moment in the human history. My country Palestine experienced the same complex situation, where the old city of Nabuls was destoyed totally by the Israeli tanks. Big number of our national architectural masterpieces were destroyed, the old mosques, the old houses, and ofcourse the Palestinian people, the human behavior, are still suffering each day.

I waked up this morning hearing the bad news that the attack on Iraq has started. Here in Palestine, we are praying for our brothers and sisters in Iraq. But what about the role of architecture for humanity to do in this war !!! what we can do to help those people in Iraq and Palestine!!! words are not enough.....
Salem Yousif Al Qudwa
A message for Iraqi colleagues
asslam o alikum to all iraqi brothers and sisters.
in thiis time of crisis me and all the pakistanis hearts beat with u. v are there with u if v have a chance. i pray to all iraqis.
Ahmed Ali
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Martial regimes have never contribute to the advance of humanity and have even less contributed to architecture and urbanism as places of civilization. I am at awe and shock before the pictures of the bombed Bagdad and Like to express my indignation and horror. My hopes and sympathies go for all our colleagues in Iraq, the families and individuals taken hostage by ruthless imperialism and also this time the crudest expression of a martial hegemonistic globalisation.

I like also to commemorate the great civilizations of the Tigris-Euphrate delta, the "Fertile Crescent" from where all the first and original creations and archetypical inventions of architecture and urbanism have since thousands of years provided an cultural and civilisatory heritage inspiring the greatest World Cultures.

This is a bad moment for everyone, and there will be a military victory without merits and pride...

Best regards
Lucien Steil
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Thank you - this discussion conveys so much good will and hope around the world despite the impending mass destruction of precious historical heritage in the Fertile Crescent. The rogue heads-of-state who are waging this terrible war do not seem to realize the sacrilege of destroying the very cradles of human civilization; this fact I confirmed while listening to an interview on a US radio, whence a certain military strategic analyst was asked whether US and UK ground forces would eventually advance towards historical sites located in Nippur, Jokha, Umm Al-Aqarib, and Warka - to which the analyst replied quite coolly, "I suppose so."

It is also devastating to hear that many of Iraq's archaeological sites were mercilessly bulldozed and plundered in the years following the 1991 conclusion of the Gulf War.

But most importantly, I echo everyone else's prayers for the wellbeing and safety of all our Iraqi colleagues, and equally to all foreign nationals who are currently residing in Iraq. I sincerely hope this terrible aggression ends very soon.

Chikako Sassa
A message for Iraqi colleagues
I believe that I can never be successful in expressing my feelings about this matter.. the horror defining the war facts is terrifying me and all the people around me, here in Turkey. This destruction effort will be causing serious damage on the trust of socio-political balance. And will damage evrything we believed about peace.. I'm praying for the children and the defenceless innocent people of Iraqi deeply from my heart every night..all that soldiers from both sides -that I belive they'd never like to be in that situation-.. our world witnessed several deseases like this.. but anyone would never wish to see another example after all those painful memories.. I specially thank Ms. Radojevic for bringing this matter to this forum. WORLD PEACE FOREVER...
Ozlem Balkan
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Or in other word the Architects of War has taken over the charge and have colaition with the designers of distruction to render the world of ours into a fearfull dream! God bless the world-fear not the death.
Mohammad Tahir
A message for Iraqi colleagues
I am one of the many people around the world who are concerned about the current situation in Iraq and its consequences on the Iraqi people's lives, their environment, infrastructure and their rich architectural heritage.
Janu German
A message for Iraqi colleagues
My dear brothers and sisters of Iraq. The only thing which I can give you is best wishes and prayers of peace. We all know that you are on the right way. You are on truth. But we are deprived of our helping hands. We do feel the pain of your wounds. But behold that he who is not the victor, who kills more people, sometimesthe losers at the grounds are the victors. Be contented that you are on the truth, and THE TRUTH IS THE ULTIMATE VICTOR.
Ashiq Ali N. Ali
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Dear Iraqi colleagues,
Our hearts in Iran are with you, with Iraqi men, women, and children. You, as architects, have to build Iraq, during the war and after it. You must rebuild the destroyed and broken hearts of your people. This is the true architecture, the divine architecture: the architecture of Divine Throne. As you know, Allah is near the broken hearts (ana inda qolub-el munkasirah); and the heart of true believer is the throne of Allah (qalb-ol mo'min-i 'arsh-or Rahmaan).
I pray for you, for your victory against insurgents. Va saya'lam-ul ladhina dhalamoo ayya monqalabin yanqaleboon. Sadaqallah-ul adhiim.
Mehrdad Qayyoomi Bidhendi
A message for Iraqi colleagues
When I recently saw "The Lord of Rings" and these terrible war scenes with this monstrous heavily amoured mercenaries and this disproportioned fights between humanity and justice and freedom on one side and the inhumane power& greed alliance to dominate the world, the "awe and shock" strategy, a completely revolting metaphor now a celebrated madness...The Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote: "The ultimate form of domination is destruction", and she just wast meditating on the European drama of "Total Krieg" -TOTAL WAR-, unfortunately a scenario which some continue to process lucidly or by mere ignorant cupidity.

Be all those blessed in the World who raise their voice and resist peacefully against the aggression on innoccent people and universally shared ideals of civilization and faith.
Lucien Steil
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Do we have any contacts with our Iraqi colleagues? Does the Internet and the phone lines work there? Is there any way to help them at the moment?
Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic
A message for Iraqi colleagues
for all
we must say
Eslam Elsamahy
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Eslam Elsamahy
A message for Iraqi colleagues
UNESCO Convenes Meeting on Heritage in Iraq
10/04/2003 (UNESCO) - The Director-General of UNESCO, Konchiro Matsuura has welcomed the support shown by the Members of the UNESCO Executive Board for a full role for the Organization in Iraq. Speaking before the Executive Board on 9 April 2003, he stated "UNESCO's experience in similar situations over recent years has shown that education and culture can play a key role in consolidating the peace process and restoring national unity", he said. "We must be ready without delay, he added, to help restore hope for the future in the Iraqi people".
Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic
A message for Iraqi colleagues
Dear Mr El-Qudwa, I would like to empathise my condolonces for the loss of such fabulous architectural heratige that resides in the city of Nabuls. I visited Palestine barely six months ago and was horrified by the sheer disregard the Isreilis had for your people and their buildings - the very fabrict of modern life in any country.

It is a sad time indeed, and I aggree with you view that more should be done than just words, but I would also like to emphasize that I am against violence in this case - it will, and is only making the situation worse.

With greatest respect.
James Hardy


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