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Elevated architecture

I'm currently designing a "Museum" of design (uni project). Do any of you out there have any thoughts on the idea of a museum? How should we go about designing a museum for the future?

Also my site is in a woodland area and I was thinking of elevating my building off the grounds to avoid disturbing the roots of the trees. Does anyone know of any good examples of elevated buildings that I could look at as precedents?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Lucy Rimmer
Elevated architecture
Yes, normal foundations would destroy the tree roots, so you could use piles for minimum disturbance and then put an above ground platform on the piles.

Probably you need deep piling, so that as the trees continue to grow, they will then grow around the piles. :)
Frank John Snelling
Elevated architecture
Try He is a Sri Lankan architect. Most of his works are elevated. If you want anymore info on his work, contact me.


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