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Building restoration or building maintenance?

Building restoration is beginning to take on a faster pace than maintenance. Some professionals claim that maintenence does more damage than good, hence restoration is becoming the best option. Should maintenance nd restoration go hand-in-hand or should maintenance be abandoned for restoration. In this context i will strictly like to refer to historic buildings and not new buildings as regular maintenance is required for adequate sustainability.
Fadeelah Shittu
Building restoration or building maintenance?
Maintenance should be done for all buildings. When maintenance is not done then finally restoration work has to be done to repair the unnecessary damage caused by "no maintenance".
Frank John Snelling
Building restoration or building maintenance?
Dear Fadeelah,

Anybody who claims that maintenance is not good for buildings, especially old, is certainly not a very good professional. It's akin to you not eating food regularly and opting to go for glucose dosage after being hospitalised!! While taking food regularly is maintenance of your body, getting hospitalised for the lack of it and getting medicine is like restoration.

Being a conservation architect, I can confirm that maintenance is the best way to conserve old buildings, which enables their regular upkeep.

Restoration is done after the damage has already occurred, and as our friend Mr. Snelling says, 'restoration work has to be done to repair the unnecessary damage caused by "no maintenance".'

P.S.: Forgive my dramatic language.
Shubhru Gupta


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