Building Technology
Life cycle of buildings
Buildings are expected to complete a life cycle most of the time not below 60 years before obsolescence sets in, i.e in form of physical, functional and economical obsolescence.

From research, only a few of these buildings survive their first ten years, robbing buildings of their values. I gather there is a new construction material termed cubic buildings, how effective is this against the forces of obsolescence?
Fadeelah Shittu
Life cycle of buildings
60 years only? What happened to the concept of maintaining buildings???

I know that today the West is geared to the "use and throw away" idea, but leaving buildings to literally rot is wasteful, expensive and unsustainable.
Frank John Snelling
Life cycle of buildings
There are many factors that effect the life cycle of a building. A relatively new project delivery method is helping a great deal in the private sector. BBO and DBFO both really one and the same. DBFO: Design Build Finance Operate and Bid Build Operate. The reason these are effective is that the designer is responsible for maintenance. Therefore the design is maintenance friendly and further more there are accurate and detailed drawing that and thin the upkeep even after the facility is transferred. Here the construction method and design intrinsically incorporate the maintenance aspect thereby prolonging the life cycle of a structure. If should be noted however that in this day and age where disposal has seeped in to our sub-conscience as an alternative to maintenance it really all comes down to dollars and cents. When it is cost effective to maintain a structure it is done. I contend that it not a material based debate but rather an economically and practically driven equilibrium. We are becoming more environmental and as such I believe the steady state will swing towards maintenance of structures that were designed with that intent in mind.
Amy Eman Moselhi


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