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Climatalogy and vernacular architecture
I want to discuss the planning criterias for climatalogy in the vernacular, especially of architecture without architects.
Rahsan Gulmez
Climatalogy and vernacular architecture
I doubt if vernacular architecture self-builders think in terms of planning criteria for climatology, rather they copy the traditional "tried and tested" ways of local building. In this way the various climatic conditions are catered for using local materials and local building tchniques, such as (a)a heavy rainfall season, (b)high humidity,(c)low humidity, (d) no rainfall, (e) low rainfall, (f) winter snows,(g)spring floods, (h) heat, cold, wet, etc.

Vernacular architecture is reverse-engineered design, (a)climate defines what needs to be protected against, (b) environment defines the availabilty of materials, which defines (c) the type of design and (d) the techniques used. Plus, (e) economic state and (f) culture
define the availabilty of resources.

As for books which address climatology there are:- "Design Primer for Hot Climates" by Konya, AP. "Manual of Tropical Housing and Building No1", Longman Pubs. and "Natural Energy and Vernacular Architecture" by Hassan Fathy, UCP pubs. I have others but these are a good starting point. :)
Frank John Snelling


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