Sustainable Design
Sustainability and architecture
Is there any method able to assess and measure the level of sustainability for the design of an architectural project? A tool that a designer/architect could use?
Fodil Fadli
Sustainability and architecture
Yes, If it is copied by people spending their own money, you are half way there.
Peter Tunley
Sustainability and architecture
I recently have developed two tools for evaluating eco-friendly tourism facilities (ecolodges) and workplace environments (office buildings). Unlike other approaches that rely on judging a project in an office for approval or so or developing a criticism based on subjective judgments, this tool offers consultants, researchers, and reviewers a follow up procedure for evaluating a building after it has been constructed and occupied from sustainability perspective. Each set of questions pertains to one of the crucial factors:
  1. Planning/Zoning
  2. Landscaping
  3. Designing
  4. Energy and Waste.
PLADEW is an evaluation tool that requires photographing, developing notation diagrams, and note taking to supplement the scores of the factors. This evaluation procedure has been pre tested involving the following steps:
    A. Numerical scores from 1 to 7 are assigned to each question underlying the factors (1= highly appropriate, 7= very inappropriate)
    B. Responding to each question underlying each factor
    C. Analyzing the numerical ratings by computation of average scores for each factor, then computation for the overall scores of the building.
    D. Developing concluding comments based on the overall appraisal, while highlighting positive and negative aspects.
You can contact me via email, if you want have a copy of this tool... Space does not allow to do so here.
Ashraf Salama
Sustainability and architecture
Architecture is the mankind's attempt to dwell in nature. However, sustainable architecture is the product of the interaction between nature and human's needs, based on respect for human life and the natural world. Therefore, if any work of architecture have met the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, then this work of architecture can be defined as sustainable architecture. I would also like to explain that there is a distinction between eco-architecture and sustainable architecture and that one can develop a tool to measure eco-architecture, but I think it would be difficult to develop a tool to assess sustainable architecture which largely depends on cultural, social and economical factors which differ from region to region.
Abdel-moniem El-Shorbagy
Sustainability and architecture
Hi Fodil,

I did send to your email address a word file that includes the PLADEW tool, developed for evaluating work environments. I hope it will be useful. If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.
Ashraf Salama
Sustainability and architecture
Yes, BREEAM and ECHOMES in the UK and LEED in the US are common assessment tools for more information see:
Prashant Kapoor
Sustainability and architecture
There is also a program called SBET developed in Pune. It analyses whether the building is sustainable or not.
Kanika Agarwal
Sustainability and architecture
Hello Kanika can you please give me more information, or a source where I can get more information about SBET. In Pune more specifically.
Shirish Joshi
Sustainability and architecture
Specifically in the area of sustainable tourism, with its subset of 'eco-tourism', there is significant international initiative in the GreenGlobe scheme. We worked on key parts of the building and precinct rating protocols, indicators and metrics, so perhaps understandably, we think it is not a bad approach.

The best thing about the scheme is that 'continuous improvement' is structured into maintaining the ratings, and that the ratings include a very wide range of factors in procurement and operations.

For information, try

Steve King
Sustainability and architecture
I guess in order to evaluate a project, I would ask how well the project is documented? and how many aspects of sustainability did the designer take into account? There are active and passive methods, selection of materials, testing of materials over x period of time since its creation, and so forth. there is also the element of how well is it designed to the test of time... hard to measure esthetics, but it would seem to have a sustainability factor

A good example of technical sustainability is reflected on (for the u.s. standard). But I find the villages that are being destroyed in Darfur are far more sustainable (until some modern weapon and poison blasted them) than most modern advancement.
Isis Willa
Sustainability and architecture

I am an Indian research scholar doing a study on "Sustainable Indian Railway Stations". I am planning to carry out my study under the following heads:
building management
energy management
water management
waste management
I need some guidance in this regard.

Satyalaxmi Naidu
Sustainability and architecture

To provide a more relevant, local guiding and rating system for green buildings, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in India has developed GRIHA:

This in the face of projects that were applying for green building certificates from rating systems such as LEEDs, which I personally found to be extensively out of context here.

For example, by filling in the basic requirements form for a project here, it achieved bronze rating by default because we can't even afford to build that way!

Luck with your search.
Kanika, couldn't find anything on SBET online, some clues?

Snehal Gada


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