Sustainable Design
Architects designing with solar panels
Hi, everyone

I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any architect's name who uses solar panels in his\her designs to save energy.

And another thing; Can you advise me with other sites for architecture.

Raghood Obaid
Architects designing with solar panels
Yes, Professor Susan Roaf of the Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England.
Frank John Snelling
Architects designing with solar panels
William McDonough+Partners is one firm that uses not only photovoltaic panels but also other energy and water saving technologies and green materials in large scale designs. They incorporate the panels into design (Frito-Lay Service Center and Offices) in some cases and in others provide the project with a photovoltaic array for energy (Woodshole Research Center, Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies). McDonough is a long-standing practitioner of 'green architecture', albeit mostly for large academic and corporate clients that can all be blamed for other environmental and social abuse. (Did you notice that new BP adds claim that the acronym stands for 'beyond petroleum'?). But, if you want to read more about him, and his writings, they're also on his website.

A much smaller firm that works with photovoltaic panels is Brooklyn-based Kiss+Catchart Architects. And, if you google the keywords "building integrated photovoltaics", you'll find much more information.

As for other architecture websites, refer to the ArchNet Digital Library's Weblinks Directory.

Ozgur Basak Alkan
Architects designing with solar panels
In my country, India, I found a few architects recommending solar panels. It may be due to two reasons:

1: lack of complete knowledge of solar panels
2: excessive cost

Since I am also an Indian achitect, I also need proper information/guidance in this regard.
Satyalaxmi Naidu


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