Educational Design
Room sizes for primary school
Dear friends,

I'm a second year B.Arch. student. I have a project to design a primary school.

I am unable to calculate the sizes and spaces for classrooms (play group, pre-nursery, nursery, prep, grade1-grade5), library, computer lab, music room, toilets, play room, play ground, principal office, administration, stall room, sick room and a multi purpose hall. Each class has a capacity of 25 students. I will be thankful to you for your response.
Shafaqat Ali
Room sizes for primary school
Dear Shafaqat,

Space can be determine by the not only the number of people and their sizes (in this case children of certain ages plus their teacher or teachers) but also by the furniture and equipment around them as well as for circulation. AJ Metric Handbook or Time Saver Standard on Architectural Data, which will provide you with the standard space, type of furniture and activity as well as % for circulation, may give you some idea to start with. However, do not forget the culture and method of teaching the primary school children as you may sit on the chair or on the mat. Furniture and fittings may be of children sizes while the teachers are normal, so remember the differences.

Hope this short note helped,
Norwina Mohd.Nawawi


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