Educational Design
Learning spaces
What are the building elements that contribute to the learning of a child in schooling?

If the school itself is a teaching tool what is the application necessary?
Lakshmi Chithambaram
Learning spaces
Lakshmi, optimumly, learning occurs in a safe, secure environment.
Frank John Snelling
Learning spaces
Dear Lakshmi, Please refer to the following discussions that previously took place on this forum on this subject:
  • Architecture for children
  • Child psychology, modes of learning/teaching, changes in theories over time
  • Child architecture
  • Child friendly places in Kashmir
  • Space that engages with education
  • Primary school building design, Pakistan
  • Primary school design for rural Pakistan
  • Thesis: The Ideal School
I found these simply by searching the website with keywords like "children" or "school" and "education" at It helps to re/search before asking :)

Also, in the Digital Library, if you click on "contemporary projects", you'll be able to see all the buildings in the library that fall under a particular function category, in this case, educational: sites.jsp?key=educational&collection_id=22&select=type. (clicking on any of the headings on this page will re-sort the list).

Ozgur Basak Alkan


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