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Earthen architecture
Is anybody aware of developments in Auroville, or in earthen architecture in general? I would be glad to discuss about it.
Ashim Manna
Earthen architecture
Yes, There is a website that discuss about some of the construction techniques in Auroville:
Vaibhav Vashisht
Earthen architecture
Excellent! I'm glad somebody else has great interest here.

I'm relatively new to much of it, and so am only really reading into it still. Would you be able to tell us how much framed structures play a part, if at all? I'm trying to find plans, sections and elevations of examples to identify the detail of construction.
Dan Mills
Earthen architecture
Hi Ashim,
Certainly Fathy's works are the best examples of Mud-construction at large scales.
However,in India Laurie Baker started a new movement in this regard which is now being followed in some form or the other by several architects, and quite successfully.
In Trivandrum Ar. P.B. Sajan and his team at COSTFORD have been desiging houses with mud/adobe/sundried bricks as well as laterite blocks which are quite environment and budget friendly.
I am sending you some links that you could refer:

Rehabilitating indigenous technologies
for mud construction


Brick Master of Kerala

Mud: By Laurie Baker

Hope you enjoy the readings!

P Das
Earthen architecture
West Africa, especially places such as Djenne and Mopti offer amazing examples of earthen architecture. Please see: the work of James Morris, and Sebastian Schutyser on ArchNet.
Shiraz Allibhai
Earthen architecture
The website mentioned above says it all about earth architecture in Auroville. Architect Satprem is the one who has mastered in earth architecture. also there are organisation like Craterre in France and SKAT in Switzerland who do a lot for earth architecture.I am an architect working with Satprem in Auroville. Maybe you should visit the place to know more.
Kanika Agarwal
Earthen architecture
hi ashim,
also in the kutch region there is firm named "kutch nav nirman abhiyan-bhuj" who is working in the same concept of auroville - "earthern architecture" and also if u get any thing new then tell me cause i also doing the thesis on mud architecture - kutch region.
Anand Dave


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