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Tsunami relief housing
I'm an architecture (M.Sc) student in Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka was affected by Tsunami almost a year ago, we, as students of architecture have a great responsibility to help the needy people. Our university has started a new project of designing low cost houses for especially the fishing communities of the coastal line. So, we are thinking of having cluster homes, considering their life style of "being together".

I need more information about low cost cluster houses to make this project sucessful. I need your comments as well.

Thank you, & I hope that you will help me.
Imashi Opatha
Tsunami relief housing
Study the village in the area, customs and habits of open space used by the community from private / storage / drying purposes etc., and local materials available with crafts to erect them.

Try to get motif of cluster from traditional embroidery / knots / utensils, or artifacts they use. Be prudent to be one of them, to understand their needs / aspirations / adoptability / self-reliance, etc.
Dushyant Nathwani
Tsunami relief housing
Thank you so much sir,
I'll consider about your valuable response.

Are you involved in some kind of tsunami relief housing project or low cost housing project? If so, can I get help from you when planning the cluster layout?
anyway thank you for responding.
Imashi Opatha
Tsunami relief housing
This is my elevation.
Imashi Opatha
Tsunami relief housing

You need to focus on two crucial things:

1. Building technologies w.r.t cost
2. Your site plans w.r.t. tsunami preparedness or 'resistance'.
Chitradeep Sengupta
Tsunami relief housing
Thank you Chitradeep,

The problem is this: we do not have a site or a client, we are just designing a suitable generic form, after which we can go to the site, meet the client and personalize the design according to the client's preferences. Until then, we assume this housing to be for a fishing community in a coastal area. Do you think this is going to work?
Imashi Opatha


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