Educational Design
Islamic school for girls
I am currently doing my dissertation towards my BArch degree on an Islamic school for girls. The school offers the normal secular syllabus of South African schools together with a higher Islamic education. Emphasis is laid on the system of Hijab or Purdah where there is complete segregation between the female students and males. Even male teachers are seperated visually and there is no contact. Does anyone know of published precedents for this kind of building or have further information?
Shabbir Ismail
Islamic school for girls
Im a final year architecture student at the university of naironbi Kenya doing an Intergrated girls collage as my final year design project. I have hit a wall concerning aquisition of case studies either in the african continent or the eurasian land mass. In case you have some pointers kindly contact me on thank you in advance.
Jaffar Mosheh


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