Sustainable Design
Ecotourism is the new trend of tourism.

Do you think that a simple eco-lodge can be considered to a work of architecture? Does it reflect democracy? How?
Yousra Hamed
Hi Hamed,

It always depends on how you translate the "eco-lodge" to the work of architecture itself. But I'm corious in what aspect of ecological is your lodge.

Gito Wibowo
An eco-lodge absolutely is a work of architecture. In fact, these types of buildings take far more skill, sensitivity, and knowledge to design. Check out Nile Safari Camp and Jacana Lodge. both in Uganda. There are many more examples in Africa and Asia. Some are very simple and low-tech, others are very high-end resorts such as the Datai Hotel in Malaysia.

Your question on democracy makes no sense to me.

Shiraz Allibhai
Eco-Tourism is not really a new trend per se. The notion of land management and managing visitor numbers has been practiced in many islands across the globe for decades. The idea became popular because the environmental movement began to wake up to the fact that too many people holidaying in sensitive environments can have an adverse effect on the natural habitats. Democracy only materialises where the local inhabitats have a role in terms of both conservation of their sensitive environments and managing the development of land resources. What we are talking about here is democracy in terms of equal opportunity for the local inhabitants to gain environmentally, socially and economically. The idea being that money made out of eco-tourism helps to create a self-funding economy, the proceeds of which can be put into research, education and tourist facilities for example. The issue of design of hotel accomodation is quite important because such buildings need to blend into the environment without being an eyesore thereby appearing to be natural, whilst at the same time being made of sustainable resources. Eco-tourism projects have sprung up all over the world now and this is not a bad thing if the principles of fairness and equity are taken into account alongside the returns on investment that businesses expect.
Benjamin Zac


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