Educational Design
Thesis: International schools
What is the difference between a normal residential school and an international residential school in an Indian context? How would it vary in spatial organisation and in architectural treatment? Please help guide me through process which would help decide my thesis topic.
Lakshmi Chithambaram
Thesis: International schools
I would think that this would depend on the curricula, subjects taught and the organization of classes, as well as on that particular school's educational principles and, unfortunately more of a concern at this time in history, on security concerns (for example, they may not like to have windows facing the street). I would say: go and interview a principal of an international school in your city.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Thesis: International schools

I am Arjun, I'm also doing my thesis on this topic and coming accross similar problem of defining the international school. But, based on the information I got, basically international schools can follow CBSC syllabi but have certain standards in terms of facilities they provide to students. There are also schools that follow the international cirriculum under different heads like ICSE, IB Programme.

So, I think we can help each other. Mail me if you get more data regarding its standards.
Arjun Kulkarni


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