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Thermal comfort
Do people of different climatic zones perceive different optimum temperatures for indoor spaces? What are the optimum indoor temperatures for summer and winter for the Mediterranean region? I would be glad about any references to this subject.
Amani Badr
Thermal comfort
Amani, Yes, people in different climatic zones do percieve different optimum temperatures for indoor spaces.

The reasons are (a) physiological (wet cold, wet heat, dry cold and dry heat); dry cold and dry heat are easier for people to stand; (b) psychological because the "culturally accepted norm" for temperature changes from culture to culture; and (c) economic: availability of heating or cooling also depends upon the "culturally accepted norm".

There are other factors, such as fresh air, number of air changes per hour and the way people in say Northern Europe enjoy sunlighting through large windows because sunlight warms and the opposite in Southern Europe where sunlight burns and so smaller windows are the norm.
Frank John Snelling


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