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Stone as building material
Hi everyone,

I am a student and I have a design project to design a bank in stone. So, I want some information about architects who work in stone.

Nazeem Baig
Stone as building material
Hi Nazeem,

I guess one of the reasons you are not getting a reply is because there is simply too much information on stone. Out of curiosity, I did a search on the keyword stone in the discussion forum of this site and ended up with 98 posts!

Do you want to refer to traditional architecture in stone? This too differs according to geographical location. Are you looking at the use of stone in all its forms? Then you could also look at flooring, cladding etc. If you want to research contemporary buildings, I found that there is something called International Stone Architecture Award! You can search for its website.

As for specific examples of banks in stone, I would look up Carlos Scarpa (I think the bank is in Verona) and Rafael Moneo (Bank of Spain). I am sure there are many others as well by contemporary architects.

Hope this information is helpful to you.
Vishwanath Kashikar


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