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Indian architecture
Where do Indian architects lack?
Manritpaul Singh Ubhi
Indian architecture
Lack of approach to involve architecture more with the common people, and hence making it an industry which is more progressive and more identifiable amongst the masses rather then making it a prerogative of the rich!!
Vidhu Saxena
Indian architecture
Hello, everybody :) Help, me here please, I want to know everything about India -- I'm going to become an Indian & Serbian aunt in few days :))))

When I improve my forgotten English and learn more about India, I'll send more serious response to your question... See you soon!
Ivana Jankovic
Indian architecture
i m student of art history pls help me about history of sikh haveli specially maharaja naunihal singh haveli in lahore .
Rahat Afza
Indian architecture
Vidhu, what you say is true of most architects (wait for the brickbats), but there are another two problems to consider:

(a) Given that to pass through the degree system it is necessary to have some education which creats a gap between those who have a degree and the masses who do not. Unfortunately, for some who have degrees, this swells their heads so much that they feel themselves to be far above the masses and so have no interest and no time for the masses.

(b) mass media produced `off the shelf` style is so freely available to the masses that most do not consider what architects have to offer.
Frank John Snelling


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