Urban Design
'Street Smart' Competition 1
Tunis Architecture and Town Planning from past to future 3
Issues,problems and solutions for slums in urban settlements 3
transformation of urban public spaces 1
revitalization of downtown area in cities of india 7
Urban Design Marrakech - Peculiar Area 1
Thesis: Market Culture Vs Mall Culture, The redevelopment of a Market! 4
Thesis Topic - Urban Square 1
waterfront case study 1
waterfront with cruise terminal.. please help..!!! 0
Urban Design Thesis 0
Thesis !! 1
M.Arch Thesis: Discovering the African Public Space 4
master plan studies 0
Varanasi Riverfront Developement 10
Masters in Urban Design 1
Grad Schools for Urban Design 0
bus rapid transit system... 1
THESIS open public space 0
is urban design of a place really works??? 0
urbanisation or distruction 4
The Art Of Open Spaces 2
urban open spaces 5
Middle East street design 0
Redevelopment/revitalisation of a squatter settlement, while retaining its original form 0
Conservation vs Revitalization 1
help regarding thesis 2
Ganga riverfront development 2
metaphysics of a city in space-time frame 2
A historical city versus Luxor? 0
New institution and small towns 0
Urban Morphology 8
Pattern in Architectural Design 1
finding linkages between gender identity and place identity in urban public spaces 1
mostar 0
thesis prject urban haat 0
Urban Regeneration (( Help )) 2
future cities after 500 years 11
urban spaces in planned cities of india 0
Islamabad Master Plan 2
urban morphology and urban transformations 2
Blurring the boundaries b/w orphange & neighborhood 3
Ahmedabad urban 0
old mumbai,navi mumbai & suburbs 0
need for outdoor activity 2
lake development 0
urban architecture and its effects on the attitudes and actions of users 0
thesis-lakeside tourism development 2
miniature karachi 1
documentation of Shahjahanabad in terms of maps/ drawings from 1900-2000 5
Thesis, ghost town 6
architecture 0
public open spaces 4
top urban designers and planners in the world 1
need help 6
slum rehab project 5
Thesis topic on riverfront redevelopment 3
contemporary planned settelments 6
thesis topic-urban interventions 1
jama masjid redevelopment plan ,delhi 4
need help 1
Belapur Housing (artist's village) Today? 4
Low-income Houisng in Africa 2
city circulation 3
public open spaces 0
planning and management of open spaces at urban level 0
redesigning an existing market precinct 0
Qantara? 5
Regaining streets for the people in Arabic Cities 1
Casablanca/AKAA 0
Somali Architecture?? 0
media architecture: its future impact on the indian urbanscape 3
green area 1
Thesis:Street revitalisation 5
Housing project 4
urban 0
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development 9
eco-city 0
evolution of high rise commercial buildings in urban areas 0
urban design aspects in carcassonne(france) and jaisalmer(india) 2
Architectural designs in 3rd world coutries 3
Old city within a city 10
Kumbh district 1
terminal de croisiere 1
City branding 1
legibility of cities 1
Thesis: Mixed use, high density 1
Indian Shopping Malls 0
Old and new centres of Arabic cities 2
Sustainable Oasis Urban Design Charrette 0
Passenger water terminals: Mumbai 2
Delhi's Master Plan: Mixed Land Use 1
Downtown revitalization in the United States 1
Climatically responsive town planning 1
Thesis: Riverfront development in Guwahati (Assam) 7


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