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Topic for Debate
Independence, and its significance on national architecture 1
Can traditional and modern architecture coexist? 6
Indian architecture 4
To project Delhi as a heritage city 13
Poetry, beauty, aesthetics and architecture 12
What is architecture? 6
City Orphans 3
New form of history museum 2
Senses and architecture 1
Thesis: Conservation and Participation in Cairo 1
Beyond Tradition: Arab-Islamic & Post Modern 5
Suitable house for the poor 1
Africa's successful public places... 1
Architecture & social reforms 1
Traditional forms interpreted by new techniques 1
Do you believe in your designs? 8
Nationalism and architecture 3
Role of architecture in corporate identity 4
Fashion & space 1
Top five design mistakes 8
Thinking Architecture 3
Conference attendance: Do the developing have something to offer to the developed? 10
Classifying Egyptian Architecture: Post 1950 Styles & Trends 2
Form/Function: Which is first? 45
Frank Gehry: Deconstructivist or a destructivist? 18
Deconstruction & architectural arguments 4
Where are we in Architecture? 5
Mathematics in architecture 10
Lost architectural identity: Siwa, Egypt 2
The death of the architect 2
Impact of modernism and architecture on contemporary Kuwait versus pre-oil discovery era 4
(theoretical) Self-sufficient settlement 1
Architecture as an extension of machines 18
Hand or computer? 23
Is white a peaceful colour ? 5
Virtual Hyper Architecture 1
The identity of architects is as slaves. 90 % may believe so, I don't, do you? 16
Housing crisis 1
Architecture and globalisation 0
Architect's freedom 10
Using mental ability 6
Our architectural product 8
Experiencing architecture 2
Relationship of music and architecture 1
The Real versus the Virtual: Communicating "Non-Verbal" Messages 1
Priorities for research in developing countries 13
Contemporary architecture in Saudi Arabia 3
Were projects of Archigram and the Japanese Metabolist movements applicable? 2
Architecture as a meeting point 1
For or Against: Heritage Tourism 2
Examining terminology: Ideas, Notions, Concepts, Metaphors, Analogies, Essences, and Ideals 22
What is 'Good' Architecture 1
Prototypical Standardized Designs vs. Site and People Specific Designs 6
Accelerated Innovation - Accelerated Degradation 7
Is a building a personal expression? 35
Architecture and branding 16
Multidisciplinarity, Interndisciplinarity, and Transdisciplinarity in Architecture and the built environment 5
Why are famous architects famous? What are the factors that propel an architect to world fame? 146
Brain, Design, and Architecture 24
Iconic design - Architecture 13
Is poverty here forever? 2
Architects are still trying to define "Architecture". Why? 20
Egyptian identity 2
Is there any indigenious architecture? 1
Can architects advertise? 1
"Architecture" Group or Individual? 1
Local Collective Memory 3
How can you judge that the project is designed or not 13
A new role for cities and local government 2


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