Design -- General
dissertation topic 1
Transtion spaces in buildings 1
Arabian gulf vernacular studies 9
Fractals adn its application in architecture 9
museum of light and emotions 3
retirement resort 3
animal behaviour with respect to its habitat 1
THESIS TOPIC - Projects in UAE 1
Music School 1
Engineering Complex 1
Construction Trade Hub 2
Low rise, medium density housing 1
Designer Vs Decorator 2
Thesis: Space for the visually handicapped 7
What is Contextual Design? 3
Museum 8
seater windows 1
Qatar wedding hall 2
zellige 1
appliques et abat-jour 1
thesis topic 2
primary school 2
hospital design 1
Talking Sign in city environment. 2
total internal reflection 2
Mobile Floating museum and Youth centre 1
Juvenile delinquency correction through architecture 6
thesis help 4
thesis topic 1
design of open space and pop art 2
water towers 1
How do you start a project and design a building? 2
Rat trap bound 3
My Name Is Khan..What does the others expect to know about us ? 2
architectural psychology ..emotional aspect of spaces 1
Art Residency for visual arts 3
research oriented campus 3
thesis topic 1
thesis 2
Thesis 7
thesis 2
thesis project .....need help to finalise topic 1
Health Architecture 1
how to design an energy efficient residential complex 10
Who builds it? 4
Thesis: Astronomy center 3
Housing and the soul 1
Mashrabiya drawings 1
Behaviour settings 2
health care center for clinical depression 2
thesis:library for modern day youth 3
Thesis- Islamic Muesuem 3
buddhist monastry 1
Maritime Institute 10
graduation project 1
my latest architectural renderings works 4
form follows time 5
Nine Square Grid 6
Mosque without minaret 19
Serena Hotel in Lahore 1
thesis: pacific islands and rising sea level housing 7
to build against terrorism 5
Design with light 2
concept 2
thesis:ocenarium 1
journalist seeking architect/client stories 3
Neo-Vernacularism in Interior Design? 3
food court design 1
Online colleges Degree? 1
interesting building form 1
centre for western art 3
Entrance gates 3
visionary architecture !!please participate!! 8
Thesis: transitional spaces 16


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