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Building Technology
Construction risk 1
Plumb bob or şavul 11
Masonry pendentives and muqarnas 11
Building restoration or building maintenance? 2
Life cycle of buildings 2
Construction materials and building value 0
Are glass facades appropriate for Bangalore climate? 1
Shear walls and suspension members 4
Thermal insulation in desert climate 5
Restoration in Chandigarh, seeking jutelac 0
Steel frame structures 3
Earthen architecture 6
Protective cob layer on traditional houses in Iran 0
Thermal comfort 1
Filler slab on RCC columns 14
Stone as building material 1
Natural ventilation 4
Exposed brickwork 16
Bangladesh Parliament Building and its design 10
Education in architecture 1
Floating architecture 10
Thesis: Prefabricated building system 15
Civil engineering and architecture 5
Portable architecture 2
Can we do without windows? 28
Building Regulation Codes in Egpyt/ Sinai 2
Suitable highrise design 4
Dwelling units in the tropics 0
Green architecture 2
Architecture in a warm climate 11
In search for technical foundation in architecture 1
Housing project on sloped site 6
Industrialisation and prefabrication in construction 1
Flat dome construction 7
Prefabrication and customization 2
Acrylic staircase 0
Forced air heating should be banned 3
The use of glass as a structural material 1
Anti-skid coating 1
Thesis: Hi-tech modern architecture 1
Collapse of buildings 1
Smokeless stove 2
Cyclone resistant structures 0
Restoring damage in cross-vault 2
Architecture in rock 9
Technical fault 4
Designing a skylight in a hot country 1
Building with stone 2
Significance of new structural systems in desigining aerodynamic structures 2
Silt casting as a building technique 5
Structure as an expression of architecture 8
Long span roof structures 4
Architectural design measures for noise mitigation 3
Structural glass 0
Glass cloisonnee 2
Nubian arch, mud brick construction 14
Printing on facades 0
Thesis: Adobe architecture 1
Glass block - typical wall details 1
100 engineering projects that transformed our world in the 20th Century 2
Buildability?! 1
Low Cost VS Indoor thermal comfort 2
Graffiti proof material 7
Question about file formats for AutoCAD 3
Research on skyscrapers 13
Hoordi construction 0
Steel and glass in India 4
Glass stairs 6
Building systems integration 1
Architectural Opening Covers 1
Industrial design 3
Sources on "contemporary" buildings built on hilly steep sites/lands 1
Role of glass in architecture 1
Design strategies for high rises in maritime desert climate 2
Building materials 2
Composition of horasan (mortar) 9
Cooling by evaporation 9


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