Archnet Statistics, December 2020

Publications: Most downloaded publications

  1. Charles Correa
  2. Design Guidelines for Ablution Spaces in Mosques and Islamic Praying Facilities
  3. Urban Form in the Arab World - Past and Present
  4. Marrakech
  5. Floor plan and elevation of Bali Pasa Mosque
  6. Floor plan of Hagia Sophia
  7. Islamic Architecture in Cairo: An Introduction
  8. Bait Ur Rouf Mosque Panels
  9. "An Architecture for Autism: Concepts of Design Intervention for the Autistic User"
  10. An Art of the Object
6,748 publications were downloaded    

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  1. mosque
  2. Dome of the Rock
  3. Cairo
  4. Hassan Fathy
  5. Iran
  6. Aleppo
  7. Damascus
  8. Isfahan
  9. Mosul
  10. Morocco
6,398 unique searches were launched
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