Awrangzib, Mughal Emperor of India

1618-1701/1027-1118 AH (r. 1658-1707/1068-1118 AH)

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Variant names
  • ابو المظفر محيي الدين محمد اورنگزیب عالمگیر پدشاه (Original)
  • Abu al-Muzaffar Muyhi al-Din Muhammad Awrangzib Alamgir Padishah (Transliterated)
  • اورنگزیب (Variant)
  • Awrangzib (Transliterated)
  • Aurangzib, Emperor of Hindustan (Translated)
  • Aurangzeb (Alternate transliteration)
  • Aurang Zeb (Alternate transliteration)
  • Aurangseb (Alternate transliteration)
  • عالمگیر (Alternate)
  • Alamgir (Transliterated)
  • ابو المظفر (Alternate)
  • Abu al-Muzaffar (Transliterated)
  • Abu'l-Muzaffar (Alternate transliteration)
  • محيي الدين (Alternate)
  • Muhyi al-Din (Transliterated)
  • Muhiuddin (Alternate transliteration)
  • Muyhi'l-Din (Alternate transliteration)
  • خلد مكاني (Alternate)
  • Khuld-Makani (Transliterated)
  • Khuld Makan (Alternate transliteration)


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