Islamic Architecture
Religion and urban contexts
I'm working on a paper about the correlation between religion and the context of religius cities. I need really know more about this topic in the Persian Gulf or Middle East.

It would great if someone can help me to reach the good references as I'm looking for.

Best Regards
Mehri Mohebbi
Religion and urban contexts
You can try looking up these sources as a start...

Jamīl Akbar, " Accretion of Decisions: A Design Strategy," Theories and Principles of Design in the Architecture of Islamic Societies, ed. Margaret Bentley Sevcenko (Cambridge, 1988), 107-114.

Jamīl Akbar, 'Imārat al-arḍ fī al-Islām (Beirut, 1992)

Besim Selim Hakim, Arabic-Islamic Cities: Building and Planning Principles (London, New York, 1986)

Saleh al-Hathlūl, "The Role of the Sharī'ah in the Transformation of the Physical Environment of Arab-Muslim Cities", Toward an Architecture in the Spirit of Islam, Proceedings of Seminar One, 1978, The Agha Khan Award for Architecture (Geneva, 1980)
Sara Sharaf
Religion and urban contexts
I would recommend to read the book of Maryam Jameelah " Islam and Western Society"
Pepe Arenas
Religion and urban contexts
Mis Queridos Companeros,
Muchisimas gracias para todo. Thank you so much for your kind reply, it was really useful and made a clear path to me.

Thanking you once more and "best wishes"
Mehri Mohebbi
Religion and urban contexts
I have an interest in the one of the states of the Arabian peninsula. You might find some of the notes I'm making of use:

I add to, and amend the site as and when I can, and believe you have an interesting subject to work on. I wish you well with your studies.

John Lockerbie
Religion and urban contexts
I wrote a paper on religion and concept in Iranian architecture. You can see it at (My email ID is
Mohammad Parva


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