Islamic Architecture
Architecture of the Dead; In Islam
What is the architecture of the dead within Islam
Arsalan Aziz
Architecture of the Dead; In Islam
Islamic Architecture is Celebration of Death on Earth....
Suraj Parmar
Architecture of the Dead; In Islam
If I understood it correct(maybe because of the picture), under architecture of the dead you mean the memorial complexes or mausoleums, built for different islamic rulers and so called "saints".Well, marveleous as they are, these buildings are actually architecture ment for the living,as they seek to achieve certain goals, for example to demonstrate the power of the ruling dynasty. However, according to islamic law are monuments of this kind forbidden.
Mustafa Tupev
Architecture of the Dead; In Islam
Im a 6th year student of architecture in the university of Nairobi, Kenya.I am currently designing a genocide memorial centre in Kigali, Rwanda for my thesis project. To me,architecture of the dead, through memorials should be used to celebrate and pass a strong message of LOVE! Amidst love, death and life can coexist.Life must continue even after mass destruction of humanlife. A genocide memorial should function both as a museum and genocide prevention centre. I personally thank the director of aegistrust for the good work they are doing in Rwanda.JOSEPHINE
Josephine Malonza


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