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Muqarnas - research paper
I am currently completing research to begin a paper on muqarnas, focusing perhaps on the structural standpoint, its origins or its mystical/mathematical effects.

If anyone can offer some ideas regarding a focus (7-8) pages in length, it would be appreciated. Thank you-
Lindsey Hammitt
Muqarnas - research paper
Mamoun Sakkal wrote a Masters thesis on muqarnas at the University of Washington towards an Architecture degree. It is excellent.

He has a website:

Please say hello to Mamoun for me and give him my best. Feel free to take a look at my computer-generated muqarnas image collection on ArchNet. I'd be happy to answer questions should any arise.

Daniel Owen
Muqarnas - research paper
If you study it from the point of view of art history, you would have a very good topic comparing the development of stalactites in Persian Islamic Architecture versus the developments in Egypt and Syria. The time period would be from 1000-1600 AD.

If you take it from a structural point of view, then the use of muqarnas to support domes and entrance portals in the Islamic architecture of Egypt and Syria in the from 1050 AD onward would be also a very interesting topic, both in art history and as an architectural structural element.
Tarek Galal
Muqarnas - research paper
You might want to look at the Cappella Palatina; why not ascribe some mystical effects to it? Also note the tiny little images that cannot be seen from below. Palatina

Bernd Homuth


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