Islamic Architecture
Bahlol Lodhi's tomb, Delhi
I am undertaking research on Bahlol Lodhi's tomb (1488-89 AD) in Delhi, which is unlike any other preceeding tomb in the city. Most tombs in Delhi from 1206 upto 1526 AD (eve of Babur's invasion in India) are either square or octagonal bases with a singular domed roof, but not this one. This one has a system of five domes. Besides, the shape of the main dome is also unusual. I know that Bahlol Lodhi was of Afghan origin, incharge of Sirhind province under the previous Sayyid dynasty. Anyone has any pointer on the architectural inspiration for this tomb?
Shubhru Gupta
Bahlol Lodhi's tomb, Delhi
Another photo, not the best shot, I think mite be useful for this discussion is attached. So ppl, any takes???
Shubhru Gupta


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