Islamic Architecture
Compare Islamic with Byzantine architecture
Compare and contrast Islamic architecture with Byzantine architecture. What are some of the similarities and differences?
Hong Yiling
Compare Islamic with Byzantine architecture
Dear Hong,

You need to refine your question by mentioning a period and place in the history of Islamic architecture that would have had some contact of some sort with the Byzantine empire. (Unless you're thinking about historic post-modernism in contemporary Islamic architecture).

I found this article on the internet that may give you a place to begin:, which is informative, although its title includes the same unscholarly generalization that is found in your question. If you're interested in something more specific and academic, see Robert Ousterhout's article Ethnic Identity and Cultural Appropriation in Early Ottoman Architecture on ArchNet, which looks at the continuity of architectural practice between the late Byzantine and the early Ottoman empire.
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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