Islamic Architecture
Sources about Mimar Sinan
Does anybody knows where are Tezkiret-ül Bünyan, Tezkiret-ül Ebniye and Tuhfetül Mimarin at the present?
Ahmet Sezgin
Sources about Mimar Sinan
The most important manuscripts of these three works and of other primary sources by or about Mimar Sinan are in the collections of the Süleymaniye Library, in the Topkapi Palace Library and Archives, and in the Istanbul University Library. Additional manuscript copies can be found in Millet Kütüphanesi in Istanbul, at the Millî Kütüphane in Ankara and in Cairo. For a detailed discussion of the available sources and a bibliography, see Hayati Develi, "Mimar Sinan'a dair kaynaklar" (website).
Andras Riedlmayer


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